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PBL Expectations Matrix

Our PBL process is based on a school-wide set of expectations which apply in every circumstance and setting in which students are learning our core values - Safety, Teamwork, Achievement and Respect. From these core values, a set of guidelines has been developed for each school setting including the classroom, playground, between classes, toilet area, canteen, bus lines and hall/assembly areas.

Ashford Central School PBL Expectation Matrix

Ashford Central School behavioural expectations

Our expectations are taught and reinforced by:

  • explicit teaching of our school-wide expectations and core values
  • Infants/Primary lessons taught during daily class time
  • Secondary lessons taught twice a week during Monday and  Wednesday prep lessons
  • regular reference to school-wide expectations
  • revisiting previously taught expectations
  • speaking to students respectfully and with a friendly, positive tone
  • actively engaging all students during class instruction
  • providing students with praise for accomplishing new tasks, following  rules and meeting school-wide expectations
  • looking for the positive first and providing immediate, frequent, specific and positive feedback
  • using pre-correcting, prompting, positive reinforcement and redirection as we teach

Student Expectations Matrix

The behaviour expectations are presented in the form of a student expectations matrix.

The Student Expectations Matrix is developed around four core values. The expectations are also developed according to locations, activities and movement in the school including the canteen, playground, classroom, hall, transitions, etc. PBL aims to ensure that all students and staff share the same language to discuss behaviour and have the same expectations for behaviour.